Light bar screen-BX Series

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    High Transparency

  • Energy saving

  • High Brightness

  • High Stability


Urban Landscape Sculptor

Variable modelling ,unlimited creativity
Flexible application according to the building shape, obviously highlight the building features and functions , enhance the city image to be a landmark.
P15 and P31 for all applications

B15X,B31X , 2 pixel pitch for different viewing distance demand.

Lighting up the city , beautify the landscape

B series Bar screen apply to professional lighting such as the nightscape , building , garden landscape, commercial street , road bridge, stadium, etc...


More models for your more needs, please choose your favorite one...

Product Name



Pixel Configuration



Pixel Pitch(mm)



Pixel matrix per panel



Cabinet Dimensions(mm)



Transparency Rate



Refresh Rate(Hz)



Drive Mode



Brightness (nits)



Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle



AC Input Power Maximum/Average



Common Problem

What is an LED outdoor screen?

An LED outdoor screen is a display that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create large and high-resolution displays that can be used in outdoor environments. The LEDs are arranged in a matrix and emit bright light when electrically charged, creating visible images and videos even in bright sunlight.


What are the key features of the LED outdoor screens offered by Kingaurora?

The LED outdoor screens offered by Kingaurora are designed to provide high brightness and contrast, with a wide viewing angle that provides optimal visibility from all angles. They are energy-efficient and can be customized to meet specific needs, with size, shape, resolution, and color options. Also, these screens are durable and weather resistant, making them ideal for use in various outdoor applications.


How do LED outdoor screens work?

LED outdoor screens use a matrix of LEDs to display images and videos. The LEDs are arranged in a grid pattern, each representing a pixel on display. When electrically charged, the LEDs emit bright light that combines to create a high-resolution image or video. A computer or other device controls the screens that send signals to the LEDs, telling them which colors to display and when.


What types of applications are suitable for LED outdoor screens?

LED outdoor screens are suitable for various applications, including advertising, sports events, concerts, public displays, and outdoor events. They are commonly used for digital signage, live video feeds, and advertising messages or promotional content.


How easy is it to install an LED outdoor screen?

The installation of an LED outdoor screen depends on several factors, such as the size of the screen, the location, and the mounting method. Generally, the screens are mounted on a supporting structure or frame, and the electrical connections and control systems are installed. While the installation process can be complex, experienced professionals can handle it efficiently.

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