Solar car screen SE5-SE5

  • High Brightness

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

  • High Stability


Easy to install · Function strong
The structure is simple, the installation is quick and convenient, and the multi-functional light pole is used, which can be equipped with cameras and other equipment.
photovoltaic technology ,Energy saving and environmental protection

Using solar panel photovoltaic technology and large-capacity batteries to store electricity,Without Wiring, And Zero Electricity Bills.


Cloud Control
The mobile phone or computer can publish video programs with one key, and the operation is simple and fast.

High Protection Level
Install light sensor, and automatic brightness adjustment;Protection level front and rear IP65/IP54;Rainproof、lightningproof、 dustproof、anticorrosion

Product Application Scenario
Products are used in many scenes such as outdoor municipal roads, advertising signs, signs, squares, parks, stations, expressways, imports and exports, greenways, construction sites, communities, schools, reservoirs, units, and industrial plants.

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Product Name


Pixel Configuration


Pixel Pitch(mm)


Pixel matrix per panel


Cabinet Dimensions(mm)


Transparency Rate


Refresh Rate(Hz)


Drive Mode


Brightness (nits)


Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle


AC Input Power Maximum/Average


Common Problem

What is the SE series light pole screen by Kingaurora?

The SE series light pole screen by Kingaurora is a type of LED display designed to be installed on streetlight poles or other outdoor structures. It allows for digital advertising, public messaging, and other types of dynamic content to be displayed in high-definition and bright colors, making it a useful tool for cities, businesses, and other organizations looking to communicate with the public.


What are the features of the SE series light pole screen?

The SE series light pole screen features high brightness and contrast, a wide viewing angle, and a variety of pixel pitch options. It is also designed to be energy-efficient, with low power consumption and a long lifespan. The screen is easy to install and maintain and can be controlled remotely using software and internet connectivity.


What are the different sizes of the SE series light pole screen?

The SE-series light pole screens come in a range of sizes, from small screens designed for use on single poles to larger screens that can span multiple poles or cover entire buildings. The specific size options depend on the model and pixel pitch chosen.


What is the pixel pitch of the SE-series light pole screen?

The pixel pitch of the SE-series light pole screen can vary depending on the specific model chosen but generally ranges from 3mm to 8mm. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between each LED diode on the screen and affects the resolution and clarity of the displayed content.


What is the viewing angle of the SE series light pole screen?

The viewing angle of the SE-series light pole screen is typically 140 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees vertical, allowing for clear visibility from a wide range of angles and distances. This makes it suitable for use in busy public areas where visibility is key.

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