Our Range of High-Performance Outdoor Digital Display

Outdoor LED Screen

T Series

Designed for ultra-clear visibility with pixel pitches perfect for close-range viewing in high-traffic areas.
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E Series

Kingaurora outdoor LED screens are designed with advanced energy-saving technology, ensuring high-efficiency power conversion that minimizes energy consumption.
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Outdoor LED Screen
Outdoor LED Screen

S Series

Features large modules that excel in heat dissipation and durability, ideal for varied climatic conditions.
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B PRO Series

Our LED screens deliver exceptional stability and color consistency.This ensures vibrant and accurate color reproduction for all displayed content, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
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Outdoor LED Screen
Outdoor LED Screen

B Series

Engineered for environments where extreme brightness is necessary, these panels maintain clarity even under direct sunlight.
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BX Series

These LED panels can be creatively shaped to match the architecture of buildings, highlighting the unique structural characteristics and functional aspects of each site.
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Outdoor LED Screen

Leverage the Power of Our Outdoor LED Signs

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    Energy-Efficient Technology

    Our LED panels are equipped with the latest energy-saving technology that significantly lowers power consumption by up to 20% compared to conventional models. Reduce your electricity bills and lessen environmental impact with our greener, more cost-effective advertising solution that keeps operating costs low without sacrificing performance.

    Save Now, Stay Green
  • Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel

    Advanced Heat Dissipation

    The S8 and S10 series incorporate an aerospace honeycomb design and a high thermal conductivity material that enhances heat dissipation. This innovative design maintains optimal operating temperatures, thus extending the lifespan of the display panels.

    Stay Cool Under Pressure
  • Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel

    High Brightness Levels

    With luminosity ranging up to 8000 nits, our displays offer exceptional brightness that ensures visibility even in direct sunlight, which makes them ideal for outdoor settings. Capture and retain audience attention with striking visuals that are clear and vibrant, regardless of the weather conditions.

    Captivate Your Audience

Our LED Billboard for Your Needs


Sports Arenas

Capture every thrilling moment in stunning detail with displays that offer real-time clarity and vibrant colors, enhancing the fan experience.

Elevate the Game Day Experience

Public Transport Stations

Keep commuters informed and engaged with real-time updates and vivid advertisements with our outdoor LED display, even in brightly lit conditions.

Transform Commuter Information

Retail Locations

Attract more foot traffic with eye-catching promotions and dynamic displays that stand out in any shopping environment.

Boost Retail Engagement

City Squares

Transform public spaces with vibrant, engaging content that turns a simple square into a bustling hub of activity and interaction.

Revitalize Public Spaces

Why Kingaurora LED Display?

  • Energy Saving

    Custom patented energy-saving IC + energy-saving "three-in-one" lamp beads, with a brightness of 8000-10000 nits. The average power consumption is only 100W/m², resulting in energy savings of 40%-50%.

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  • Industry-leading Technology

    Independently developed "three-in-one" lamp beads with better color mixing and a 20% increase in color rendering. They can faithfully reproduce images even outdoors.

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  • Superior Stability

    With 30 years of market validation, quality is controlled from the source. Using DIP570 encapsulation technology, independently packaged, and subjected to full inspection before shipment. The products undergo aging, waterproofing, storm resistance, and other five-proof tests, effectively handling various harsh environments.

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  • 15+
    Years of Experience
  • 12000+㎡
    Area of Production Base
  • 180+
    Members of Our Team
  • 25-60
    Days for Rapid Prototyping

From Our Valued Customers Worldwide

Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn,indoor led video wall, indoor led display screen,
Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn,indoor led video wall, indoor led display screen,
Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn,indoor led video wall, indoor led display screen,


I can't help but gush about Kingaurora's LED outdoor screens! As an event manager, I've seen my fair share of screen mishaps, but Kingaurora's displays never fail to impress. They're like the magic touch at our outdoor events, bringing them to life with stunning visuals that captivate everyone in attendance. Their screens truly stole the show, leaving everyone impressed and making me look like a genius event planner!
Sarah Nguyen, Female
Event Manager, American
You know you've hit the jackpot when your marketing efforts start turning heads, literally! Thanks to Kingaurora's LED screens, our advertisements now have the street presence of a Broadway show. The screens practically shout 'look at me' to passersby, and our sales numbers are singing their praises. Cheers to Kingaurora for lighting up our business!
Ethan Thompson,Male
Marketing Director, British
I never realized how much impact a simple LED screen could have until we started using Kingaurora's products. Max's birthday party was transformed into a movie night under the stars with their vivid displays. It was a hit with all our guests, young and old!
Emily Johnson
DIY Enthusiast, British
I've been planning outdoor events for years, but nothing compares to the impact of Kingaurora's LED screens. They completely transformed our backyard barbecue into a cinematic experience. Everyone was blown away by the quality and clarity of the visuals. It's safe to say Kingaurora has earned a loyal customer in me!
Mia Patel,
Outdoor Enthusiast, Canadian
When it comes to outdoor advertising, you need a display that can withstand the elements and still deliver stunning visuals. Kingaurora's LED screens do just that. From rainy days to scorching sun, their displays remain bright and clear, ensuring our messages are always seen by passersby. I highly recommend Kingaurora to anyone looking for reliable outdoor advertising solutions.
Thomas Garcia
Marketing Maverick, American
I'm not usually one to leave reviews, but Kingaurora's LED screens exceeded all my expectations. From the ease of installation to the jaw-dropping visuals, every aspect of their product impressed me. I've already recommended them to several friends, and I'll continue to sing their praises to anyone who will listen!
Davies Thompson
Coffee Lover, Australian

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