High brightness and energy saving, specially designed for outdoor fixed installation

Continuous product innovation, to provide you with high-quality LED display

  • Energy saving

    Patented customized energy-saving IC + energy-saving "three colors in one" lamp beads,8000-10000nits brightness, average power consumption is only 100W/m²,Energy saving up to 40%-50%.

  • Highlight

    Independent research and development of in-line "three-color in one" lamp beads, better color mixing, 20% reduction in reduction, and can completely restore the picture outdoors.

  • stable

    30 years of market verification, quality control from the source, DIP570 packaging technology, Independent packaging, full inspection of shipments, and five-prevention inspections such as aging and waterproof storms, and excellent response to various harsh environments.

8 quality inspection standards to ensure quality from the source

Provide you with high-quality outdoor fixed display

  • Workshop environmental standards

    Not up to the standard and not relaxing

  • Process document standard

    Transparent and traceable production and quality inspection process

  • Process material standards

    Different materials, different testing standards

  • Transport packaging standards for process products

    The packaging is meticulous and strictly inspected

  • First article process standard

    Real-time tracking, document confirmation, special person responsible

  • Tooling fixture design management standard

    Strictly implement the standards and standardize management

  • Equipment management and parameter setting standards

    Standardized parameter settings, clear account details

  • Process quota standard

    Arrange the production plan reasonably and determine the amount of auxiliary materials

Quality inspection site pen-hold shooting

Provide you with high-quality outdoor fixed display

  • product testing

  • product testing

  • product testing

  • product testing

Real inspection process, reliable quality

Authoritative certification, trustworthy

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