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Professional, service-oriented sales and engineering services Network: a nationwide sales network and engineering services network.

Professional team: Has strong technical force of high-quality, professional engineering design, technical support team, with well-managed after-sales service system.

Services: a fully functional service management platform to provide customers with fast, accurate and timely services.

Service Hours: 24-hour hotline service

Pre-sale Service
According to the customer's request, our company provides the detailed solution in the aspects of product design, construction and so on.
Sale of services
Product production, testing, aging, packaging are in accordance with relevant state regulations after passing the factory inspection.
After-sales service
After completion of the project, the technicians rigorously test and preliminary test and provide detailed operation training. The project is finally delivered to customers for acceptance and use, and the software and hardware maintenance are carried out on a regular basis.

Service Hotline: 0755-89783701

FAX    :0755-89783770