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Boot Ceremony of Missed Hometown--- Kingaurora’s first Big Action in Led Industry


Congratulations on

the boot ceremony of Missed Hometown which is invested by Kingaurora

with complete success!

Editor's Note:

MISSED HOMETOWN, which is invested by Shenzhen Kingaurora Opto-Tech Co., Ltd.,held a successful boot ceremony in headquarter of the company in Pingshan District of Shenzhen City at 9:00am, April 19th, 2017.

The boot ceremony of MISSED HOMETOWN was greatly held at headquarter of Shenzhen Kingaurora Opto-Tech Co., Ltd in the morning of April 19th ,2017.

The ceremony officially started at 9:30am with presentation of company leaders and cast member.

Offering incense.

Unveiling Ceremony.

Group photo of cast member.


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